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Musical Medicine: iTunes For iHelp

Posted on January 5th, 2012 by karen

iPod, photo credit: Karen Keller Capuciati
by Karen Keller Capuciati

I’ve stumbled upon a very cool interview with Galina Mindlin, author of Your Playlist Can Change Your Life, a book about using your favorite music to enhance your health, memory, organization, alertness, and more.  The interview, conducted by Erica Hendry, can be found in the January 2012 issue of Smithsonian.

So what’s so cool about it?

According to the author, music can benefit anyone and everyone – whether you’re trying to relieve anxiety, sharpen memory, increase concentration, improve your mood or even relieve pain.  Who wouldn’t want to do ALL those things from time to time?

Imagine the benefit if, in the current culture of just take a pill, we could instead “prescribe” music to relieve our ailments?  Or, as is the concern of many In Care of Dad readers, to help someone we’re caring for.

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CranioSacral Therapy Is An Alternative Worth Considering For Many Ailments

Posted on May 31st, 2011 by karen

by Karen Keller Capuciati

A couple of months after our Mom’s stroke, she was dealing with stress, sleeplessness and a terribly stiff neck.  She had just completed a month in a rehab facility, and returning home brought on new and unexpected difficulties.

For Mom, coming home was a sign that her life was returning to normalcy.  But it also ended up pointing out the deficits left by her stroke when everyday events were now a great challenge.  Cooking, for example, meant reading an ingredient list, writing a shopping list, setting a timer, none of which were possible at the time.  Even the grocery store, with all the choices and stimuli, was way too much for her at this time in her early recovery.

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What Is Driving Rehabilitation, Who Needs It, And How To Find A Program

Posted on February 6th, 2011 by karen

turning onto buenos aires

By Karen Keller Capuciati

So Mom wants to drive again.  She started talking about it some 4 months after her stroke, but it hasn’t been an easy fix.

Mom’s convinced that getting back behind the wheel of her car is a fundamental part of her returning to a normal life, and it’s hard to disagree with that idea.  Not only does the lack of driving mean a loss of independence for her, but Mom doesn’t want to let the stroke become the dominant issue in her life.

The problem, though, is that, while not physically incapacitated, Mom’s stroke did leave her with certain aphasic difficulties that interfere with her ability to drive safely.  Quick decision-making is one area that still gives her trouble, particularly in the face of multiple stimuli or any other area that requires prompt number and letter recognition (street signs, speed limits, etc.).

So we were faced with the question of how to proceed.  We were referred by Mom’s physiatrist (a term for rehabilitation physician) to a driving program where we met Desiree Lanford, a caring and knowledgeable young woman who brings an especially effective combination of skills – as both a driving rehabilitation specialist and an occupational therapist – to this type of situation.

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