Gifts & Gadgets: Shoes That “Earth”

by Karen Keller Capuciati

After publishing our blog about Earthing in early June, we heard from a footwear company called Juil which makes shoes with copper in the soles, allowing your body to be in contact with the natural healing energies of the earth.

Peter Coulter, a representative of Juil, shared with me his interest in the benefits of Earthing and suggested I try their leather (and vegan) sandals and clogs, made for both men and women.  The copper-infused soles allow for conductivity, so the wearer is connected, or grounded, with the planet’s surface.

What’s behind Earthing?  There is emerging research that indicates our planet has healing properties.  With simple contact, the energy of the earth has been found to neutralize disease-causing free radicals, which are uncharged electrons (neither positive or negative) that build up in our bodies due to environmental toxins, poor diet and stress.  These free radicals can cause all sorts of damage to our body’s systems.  So, in effect, our planet serves as a natural antioxidant force, healing our bodies from many ailments, including autoimmune disease, headaches, insomnia, pain and disease caused by inflammation.  And all it takes is simple everyday contact with the earth, like walking barefoot in the grass or in the sand on the beach.  For more information, including links to research results, you can check out the In Care of Dad blog called Earthing: Can Our Planet Heal Us?

I was intrigued so I promptly bought a pair of Juil shoes and, quite honestly, have not stopped wearing them since.  I bought the Hera style sandal in pewter for $125.  I like the quality and style of the sandal, but I’m even happier that the sandals allow me to be grounded so much more often now.  It’s just not practical to walk barefoot all the time in this world, so the shoes serve the dual purpose of protecting my feet and keeping me connected to the natural healing properties of the planet.

The extra bonus is that Juil is a philanthropic company with a dedicated mission to enhance well-being around the world.  In 2012, Juil is partnering with Soles4Souls to donate a pair of shoes — for every Juil pair purchased — to a person in need in a developing country.

Leave us a comment below telling us what “being grounded” means to you.

19 Responses to “Gifts & Gadgets: Shoes That “Earth””

  1. Adam M. says:

    “Being grounded” – to me – has always meant living your life knowing that you are a small part of something bigger and understanding that the world does not revolve around you. After reading your Earthing posts, I realized a whole new meaning to what being grounded means and look forward to focusing more attention on my new understanding what the phrase means.

  2. Stephanie peterson says:

    I want (need) more grounding, I am too in the clouds.

  3. margaret killip says:

    Being close to and feeling the energy of love from mother earth has always been important to me. If a pair of shoes can accomplish this for me, I am all for wearing them.

  4. stephanie crane says:

    Being ground to me means consciously being connected to the people and environments around me

  5. LORI ANNE DUNN says:

    grounding and being aware of the power of, and connection to, vibrations can also be found in many complimentary and alternative well respected therapies so this makes GOOD SENSE

  6. heather wilson says:

    being grounded is knowing who you are and where you are going. Being centered in your process.

  7. Vicky Lucas says:

    Being grounded means to me to being secure in your decisions, being able to love unconditionally, and respect all mankind. Follow the Golden Rule and thank your higher being of choice for the gift of life.

  8. Sharon Simons says:

    Being grounded to me means being in touch with everything around you and keeping things centered and balanced. It is something that I have been trying very hard to maintain as the struggles of daily life and caretaking try to pull me away.

  9. Laura Debiak says:

    Be ground to me means – being connected with my soul, everything else comes naturally.

  10. Carol I. says:

    Being grounded means being humble and in tune with other people. It also allows us to feed our souls and lift our spirits and share joy with others.

  11. Amy Fredenhagen says:

    To me, being grounded is to encompass the well being of one’s whole self: Physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. This takes time, practice, and prayer to achieve. In my own neighborhood, I have been trying to “ground” myself more often to counteract interference and possible side effects of nearby power lines. Earthing is certainly beneficial to one’s whole self!

  12. Eva Levine says:

    Any chance to have a greater connection with the Earth, works for me. And if I get the added advantage of easing some aches and pains (as my grounding sheets do so well), all the better. Bring on the sandals, Juil!

  13. Being grounded is being able to rise up and meet any challenge, and weather any storm, knowing that you supported.

  14. Steve Tredennick says:

    Well, with my new understanding of what it means to be “grounded” in the way that these shoes offer… I’d say it’s like (or is) forming a loop with the Earth through your feet. It gives those free radicals someplace to go. And that place is into the ground. I like the whole idea. And I’ve got a lot of aches and pains so if these grounding sandals really work then I’m going to buy 12 pairs and put them all over my body and roll around in the grass.

  15. Cecily Garver says:

    Grounded to me means being connected, with people, with nature, and with oneself. And, in this case, also with new shoes.

  16. Jessica says:

    These look fantastic – not only practical but functional. I wonder if it might help with some of my breathing issues. Thanks for writing the article and the whole blog, really. Dad was diagnosed a year ago…

  17. Cecelia Burr says:

    I really never knew what grounded meant until my Dad has Alzheimers. My focus before the diagnosis was all over the place. As my Dad’s Alzheimers disease progressed, he became more docile, and there were times when we sat across the room, or next to each other smiling with a knowledge unknown to any one but the two of us. It was moments like this that made me appreciate everything around me, and understand that my Dad was transmitting love without really knowing…..or did he? Grounded to me was feeling love from my Dad in those quiet moments when only he and I sat smiling at each other, and appreciating the gift God gave us in those moments.

  18. I have had 4 surgeries on my feet, & need another. I need anything with comfort. If it makes you feel better all over ,that’s even better!

  19. karen says:

    Congratulations to Vicky Lucas for winning a pair of sandals from Juil Footwear! Thank you Vicky, and everyone, for your participation with this article. ~Karen & Kim