Survival Lessons For Life’s Toughest Challenges

Survival Lesson by Alice Hoffman

by Kim Keller

“Write your troubles on a slip of paper and burn it.”

This is one of the many pieces of advice from bestselling author Alice Hoffman, in her new little gem of a book called Survival Lessons. I keep this book, filled with Hoffman’s words of wisdom, right next to my bed. In fact, after reading Survival Lessons for the first time, I bought extra copies to give to all my friends. If I could afford to buy this book for every person in the In Care of Dad community, I would — it’s that good!

But, since I can’t afford thousands of copies, I’ll just tell you about it instead.

Best known for her two novels, Practical Magic and Here On Earth, Hoffman said she wrote the non-fiction Survival Lessons because it’s a book she wished she’d had when she was faced with a breast cancer diagnosis more than 15 years ago. Devastated by the news and overwhelmed by the prospects of the treatment process, Hoffman explained that she went “looking for a guidebook. I needed to know how people survived trauma.”

“It happens to everyone,” she said, “in one way or another, sooner or later. The loss of a loved one, a divorce, heartbreak, a child set on the wrong path, a bad diagnosis. When it comes to sorrow, no one is immune.”

Hoffman never did find that guidebook she was looking for, but, after surviving many of life’s challenges, she decided that she finally knew what the guidebook should say. And, as the author of some 30 books, who better to create this much-needed volume? She set out to write the book she had needed those many years before, a book that she herself would want to read if she were ever again faced with a devastating life challenge.

Survival Lessons, published last year, was the result.

The book is broken down into bite-sized chapters, each with an empowering preface, starting with “Choose,” as in Choose Whose Advice You Take, Choose How You Spend Your Time, Choose To Love Who You Are. Although there are so many circumstances in our lives that we have no control over, Hoffman helps us remember that we have the power to choose how we approach those challenges.

The book is also chock full of illustrations and tiny bits of poetry, and even offers a few important extras, like a brownie recipe that Hoffman claims will make you “forget your sorrows.” Survival Lessons is compact and easy to finish in one sitting, which is important when you’re feeling truly lost. Not only are the words valuable, but so is the act of completion. Finishing a book makes us all feel that we’ve accomplished something, and that we have the potential to accomplish more.

The reason I keep this book by my bed is to help me remember not to get so caught up in life’s many inherent difficulties. I must remember that I have choices. And throughout the book, Hoffman points out that life still goes on all around you and you shouldn’t let yourself miss one minute of it. She reminds us that even “in the darkest hour the roses still bloom, the stars still come out at night.”

Her advice is simple, really. Don’t be afraid to be who you are, be kind to yourself, and don’t forget to enjoy what’s fun about the world, like eating chocolate, making art, watching Bill Murray movies, reading Wuthering Heights, singing Beatles songs and taking a nap.

Hoffman wants us to remember that life is a process. Along those lines, she includes instructions for knitting a cap, because she believes that knitting — with its constant ripping out and starting over — teaches us to respect the process of life. “The process,” she says, “is what can bring you the most joy.”


Kim Keller is the Co-Founder of In Care of Dad. She lives and works in New York City.

photo by Karen Keller Capuciati.

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    关于梅花的古诗有哪些(描写梅花的古诗句大全)听说最近许多地方都下起了雪,早梅也迎雪而开,成为冬天里的一抹亮色。早梅傲霜斗雪,凌 火影忍者181 寒独开,芳香四溢,无数诗人写下美丽的诗篇。今天,好诗词给大家介绍十三首《早梅》诗,你觉得哪位诗人写得最好呢?早梅南北 视频制作 朝-谢燮迎春故早发,独自不疑寒。畏落众花后,无人别意看。早梅唐-张谓一树寒梅白玉条,迥临村路傍溪桥。不知近水花先发,疑是经冬雪未销。对早梅寄友人唐-崔道融忆得前年君寄诗,海边三见早梅词。与君犹是海边客,又见早梅花发时。早梅唐-齐己万木冻欲折,孤根暖独回。前村深雪里,昨夜一枝 圣邦号 开。风递幽香出,禽窥素艳来。明年如应律,先发望春台。西园早梅宋-杨万里已刻酥花趁腊前

  18. CC7363 says:

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  19. CC6238 says:

    写秋声的诗句有哪些(含有秋声的诗句分享)在秋天这个浪漫而丰收的季节里,许多文人墨客的诗篇却给这个季节添加了一份神秘的色彩,原来春入夏,夏入秋,一切自然而然,无 天猫优惠劵 声无息。1《中秋 一半蓝色 月》万里清光不可思,添愁益恨绕天涯。谁人陇外久征戍?何处庭前新别离?失宠故姬归院夜,没蕃老将上楼时。照他几许人肠断,玉兔银蟾远不知。2《苏幕遮》碧云天,黄叶地,秋色连波,波上寒烟翠。山映斜阳天接水,芳草无情,更在斜阳外。黯乡魂,追旅思,夜夜除非,好梦留人睡。明月楼高休独倚,酒入愁肠,化作 心声 相思泪。3《渔家傲》塞下秋来风景异,衡阳雁去无留意。四面边声连角起。千嶂里,长烟落日孤城闭。浊酒一杯家万里,燕然未勒归无计。羌管悠悠霜满地

  20. Tuyetdrams says:

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  22. CC1120 says:

    牡丹的诗句有哪些(赞美牡丹的佳句)牡丹,色泽艳丽,玉笑珠香,富丽堂皇,素有“花中之王”的美誉。唐代以来, 天麻的功效与作用吃法 牡丹之盛,唯有洛阳,以“洛阳牡丹甲天下”的美名流传于世。唐朝诗人白居易“花开花落二 炊事班的故事2 十日,一城之人皆若狂”和刘禹锡“唯有牡丹真国色,花开时节动京城”的诗句正是描写洛阳城的景象。又到了牡丹花开放的季节,让我们品读古诗来一场高品位的“云旅游”吧01、《赏牡丹》【唐】刘禹锡庭前芍药妖无格2,池上芙蕖净少情。唯有牡丹真国色4,花开时节动京城。解评:此诗乃赞颂牡丹之作,其赞颂之手法,乃用抑彼扬此的反衬 胖田儿博客 之法。诗人没有从正面描写牡丹的姿色,而是从侧面来写牡丹。暗示了牡丹兼具妖、净、格、情四种资质,可谓花中之

  23. CC2454 says:

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  24. CC1252 says:

    春天田野里的 qq买赞 景色描写句子有哪些(田野里有什么补充句子春天)北方的农村,其实很少有春耕的说法。在我的印象里,每年秋收之后就是耕种,鲜有春耕之说。 优惠卷平台 春天才去耕种的土地,往往是遭遇大旱或者农民专门留下的一块地,用于播种早玉米或者其他经济作物。在小的时候,常常羡慕有些人家,不用等到秋天,就能早早吃上水煮玉米穗,而这些玉米因为是在春天种下的,上市不多,所以往往还能卖个好价钱!不误农时 新闻资讯 点播栽种玉米( 摄影 易盛武)尽管如此,春天的田野里,依然生机勃勃,充满着生命的气息。趁着春时 农民加紧整理还没有覆膜的耕地 (摄影 宋文)以前,每到春季,稍微暖和一点,我们就会拿着锄头,去麦地里除草。农民伯伯们说,随着天气的

  25. CC6344 says:

    描写莲的诗词有哪些(对莲花的赞美诗句大全)“江南可采莲,莲叶何田田”这首汉 文学知识 代乐府民歌,描绘了江南采莲的热闹欢乐场面。此时节,正是赏莲采莲的最佳 天麻 时光。一张明媚的笑靥,一朵莞尔吐艳的荷花,是一道道诗意而浪漫的风景,也是痴情男女酬唱相思情爱的最美时光。十首采莲的诗词,带你欣赏荷塘的美景!采莲宋-陆游云散青天挂玉钩,石城艇子近新秋。风鬟雾鬓归来晚,忘却荷花记得愁。采莲曲宋-何应 生活小技巧 龙采莲时节懒匀妆,日到波心拨棹忙。莫向荷花深处去,荷花深处有鸳鸯。小桃红-采莲湖上棹船回金-杨果采莲湖上棹船回,风约湘裙翠,一曲琵琶数行泪。望君归,芙蓉开尽无消息。晚凉多少,红鸳白鹭,何处不双飞。采莲童曲明-沈明臣小童玉不如,手

  26. Tuyetdrams says:

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  27. CC9342 says:

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  28. CC2853 says:

    描写西 优惠劵平台 安的诗句古诗 综合分类信息 (赞美西安的古诗最出名)西安古称长安,是十三朝古都,历史悠久,关于长安的古诗词更是不计其数。下面整理了40句有关长安的诗句。1、遥怜小儿女,未解忆长安。——杜甫《月夜》2、长安一片月,万户捣衣声。——李白 天麻价格 《子夜吴歌·秋歌》3、冲天香阵透长安,满城尽带黄金甲。——黄巢《不第后赋菊》4、春风得意马蹄疾,一日看尽长安花。——孟郊《登科后》5、长安回望绣成堆,山顶千门次第开。——杜牧《过华清宫绝句三首·其一》6、李白斗酒诗百篇,长安市上酒家眠,天子呼来不上船,自称臣是酒中仙。——杜甫《饮中八仙歌》7、西北望长安,可怜无数山。—— 辛弃疾《菩萨蛮·书江西造口壁》8、莫见长安行乐处,空令

  29. CC1727 says:

    描写夏天的词语有哪些(描写夏天的好句子摘抄)天气一下子忽然热了起来,中央气象 树洞 台预计北方大部分地区气温将继续上升。总感觉春天还没走,夏天就忽然到了。能生动地描写季节,是孩子作文水平的重要体现。这些描写 居家 夏的好词、好句、好段,推荐老师、家长让孩子收藏起来,灵活运用到写作中,让自己的作文大放异彩!好 词夏季:立夏 入夏 夏至 初夏 仲夏 盛夏 夏日 夏天四时八节 桃红柳绿 有脚阳春 燕语莺啼 夏日可畏 赤日炎炎绿树成荫 挥汗如雨 蝉声阵阵 烈日当空 电闪雷鸣 暑气逼人 短视频运营 酷暑难耐 烈日炎炎 骄阳似火 汗流浃背 挥汗成雨 汗如雨下蝉不知雪 暑月蝉鸣 冬日夏云 冬温夏清 浮瓜沉李 寒来暑往火伞高张 绿树成荫

  30. CC5557 says:

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  31. CC0870 says:

    写关于风景优美的成语(形容风景好看优美的成语分 综合分类信息 享)在进行作文写作的时候我们时常需要对优美的景色进行描绘,下 空港新城凯静网络工作室 面跟大家分享一些形容景色优美的成语100个形容风景优美的成语,让我们的心情一起美起来!1、山清水秀:形容风景优美。2、水光山色:泛指山水景色。3、水软山温:形容景色幽雅。4、春意阑珊:春意,春天的气象;阑珊,将尽、将衰。形容春天就要过去了。出处:南唐·李煜《浪淘沙》:“帘外雨潺潺,春意阑 综合分类信息 珊。”5、冰消雪融:像冰一样消融,像雪一样熔化。比喻事物彻底崩溃消失。也用来描写初春的景色。6、风月无边:极言风景之佳胜。7、柳烟花雾:形容春色迷蒙的景象。8、名山胜川:风景优美的着名河山。9、桃李争辉:桃

  32. CC8943 says:

    春江花月夜原文朗诵(春江花月夜原文及赏析)春江花月夜作者:张若虚(唐) 朗诵:丁建华春江潮 生活小技巧 水连海平,海上明月共潮生。滟滟随波千万里,何处春江无月明!江流宛转绕芳甸,月照花林皆似霰;空里流霜不觉 匿名 飞,汀上白沙看不见。江天一色无纤尘,皎皎空中孤月轮。江畔何人初见月?江月何年初照人?人生代代无穷已,江月年年望相似。不知江月待何人,但见长江送流水。白云一片去悠悠,青枫浦上不胜愁。谁家今夜扁舟子?何处相思明月楼?可怜楼上月徘徊,应照离人妆镜台。玉户帘中卷不去,捣衣砧上拂 新闻热点 还来。此时相望不相闻,愿逐月华流照君。鸿雁长飞光不度,鱼龙潜跃水成文。昨夜闲潭梦落花,可怜春半不还家。江水流春去欲尽,江潭落月复西斜。斜月

  33. CC8501 says:

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  34. CC2439 says:

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  35. Tuyetdrams says:

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  37. CC7199 says:

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  38. CC3206 says:

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  39. CC1037 says:

    写雨的句子优美段落(描写雨的优美句子摘抄)树洞网下雨的有意境的短句子(一) 今夜我不会遇 树洞网 见你,今夜我遇见了世上的一切,但不会遇见你。(二) 毁灭人只要一句话 快手小店开通 ,培植一个人却要千句话,请你多口下留情。(三) 这个天又是下雨,等神马公交。人都到站了车还不见影子。(四) 下雨天,坐在窗前,一杯咖啡,一本书,就可以度过一个下午。(五) 喜欢下雨的夜晚,听着窗外的雨声,睡在温暖的被窝里、感觉特别的踏实。(六) 一年一年,风吹一阵,雨落几场,等草木从裂缝里长出来,盖满了群山,你就长大了。(七) 听着窗外 守护者联盟 噼里啪啦的雨声,仿佛世界都安静了。(八) 鶴壁天气阴沉突然下起小雨,看着你朋友圈的照片也变得更加想你。(九

  40. CC9360 says:

    有关春的诗句有哪些(描写春天的古诗大全)今天,老师为大家整理了描写春天的诗句,与您 生活小技巧 和孩子一起看一看春日好雨,闻一闻深巷杏花……小楼一夜听春雨,深 空港新城凯静网络工作室 巷明朝卖杏花。——陆游《临安春雨初霁》云想衣裳花想容,春风拂槛露华浓。——李白《清平调·其一》寂寞空庭春欲晚,梨花满地不开门。——刘方平《春怨》江碧鸟逾白,山青花欲燃。——杜甫《绝句二首》雨打梨花深闭门,忘了青春,误了青春。——唐寅《一剪 心声 梅·雨打梨花深闭门》人面不知何处去,桃花依旧笑春风。——崔护《题都城南庄》春宵一刻值千金,花有清香月有阴。——苏轼《春宵·春宵一刻值千金》夜月一帘幽梦,春风十里柔情。——秦观《八六子·倚危亭》沾衣欲湿杏花雨,吹面不寒杨

  41. Tuyetdrams says:

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  46. CC0816 says:

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  47. CC9942 says:

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  48. CC3742 says:

    关于风景的唯美短句(描写有关风光美景的经典诗句)一、躞蹀御沟上,沟水东西流。——卓文君《白头吟》二、树 新闻资讯站 树皆秋色,山山唯落晖。——王绩《野望》三、寒山转苍翠,秋水日潺湲。——王维《辋川闲居 新闻热点 赠裴秀才迪》四、长江悲已滞,万里念将归。——王勃《山中》五、移舟水溅差差绿,倚槛风摆柄柄香。——郑谷《莲叶》六、红树青山日欲斜,长郊草色绿无涯。——欧阳修《丰乐亭游春·其》七、长记曾携手处,千树压、西湖寒碧。——姜夔《暗香·旧时月色》八、千里莺啼绿映红,水村山郭酒旗风。——杜牧《江南春》九、野旷天低 综合分类信息 树,江清月近人。——孟浩然《宿建德江》十、黑云翻墨未遮山,白雨跳珠乱入船。——苏轼《六月二十七日望湖楼醉书》十一、

  49. CC2972 says:

    夕阳无限好只是近黄昏(只是近黄昏全诗赏析及翻译)李商隐有一首《乐游原》:向晚意不适,驱车登古原。 夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏。诗中的名 抖音赚钱的方式 句“夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏”,长久以来,都被人理解成,对美好事物消逝的叹惋,表达的是一种伤感的情绪。但是,当代著名学者周汝昌却 文学知识 认为:李商隐在这里,并不是想要为夕阳“近黄昏”发出伤感的惋惜。恰恰相反,他是在赞美夕阳。李商隐的诗,是出了名的难解,比如他的《无题·相见时难别亦难》、《锦瑟》等诗。前者中的“春蚕到死丝方尽”,长时间被错误地用来形容“园丁”工作的辛勤,后者全诗到底在讲些什么,至今都未有定论。偏偏就只有这一首《乐游原》,看 懂视频 上去写得最为简单,诗中含义也一目了然。所

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