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Regina Holliday’s Crusade: Who Owns Your Medical Records?

Posted on August 1st, 2013 by kim
Regina Holliday's 73 Cents Mural

Regina Holliday’s Mural “73 Cents”


by Kim Keller

“You go after them, Regina!” Fred Holliday implored his wife. “You do whatever you can to get me care!”

And with every bit of her heart and all of her spirit, she tried. She shook things up but wasn’t able to save her husband.

Heartbroken yet utterly determined, Regina Holliday has been on a crusade ever since, dedicating her time and her energy to make sure that other families do not suffer the same fate as hers.

Regina’s message is this: patients need to be partners with their doctors and have easy access to their own medical information.

You see, Regina and Fred were shut out of the decision-making, even just the conversation about decision-making, regarding Fred’s medical care when he was hospitalized in March 2009. They were kept in the dark about Fred’s diagnosis and treatment options.

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