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Wrenching Choices At The End Of Life, Part II

Posted on June 24th, 2013 by karen


by Joan Blumenfeld, MS, LPC

I read an obituary last week that gave me pause. It was for a Mr. John Davis who died at age 87, peacefully, at home surrounded by his loving family. A true marvel in this age of high-tech medicine, an incredible array of medications for every ailment, and frequent hospital admissions for the elderly. I was envious!

Too often these days we die alone in a hospital bed, tubes in every orifice, surrounded by machines that beep and blink and hordes of medical personnel, all struggling to prolong life instead of allowing for a natural death. We seem to be so much more concerned with preserving life at any cost than we are at letting go when it’s time.

In the interest of my own end-of-life concerns, I have signed advance directives that give my adult children the responsibility of making decisions for me if I am unable to do so for myself, and I have spoken to them about this innumerable times. I know full well that when such a time comes, they will have to make difficult choices between maintaining my life even if there is no quality left or letting nature take its course.

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Start A Financial Conversation

Posted on April 26th, 2011 by karen

by Joan Blumenfeld, MS, LPC

Our elderly mother was beside herself.  Our 85-year-old father was dipping into their retirement funds to buy junk bonds on margin.  Then he was going to Mother requesting cash from their savings accounts to cover his losses.  She was in a panic about this seemingly surefire formula for financial disaster.

Though neither of us is a lawyer or financial advisor, my brother and I agreed that we had to intervene.  And so we did.

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