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Forgive, Release, Let Go

Posted on October 22nd, 2015 by karen

Forgiveness Stone

by Lisa M. Wolfson

I have always been an advocate for self-improvement and growth, but in recent years, as a breast cancer survivor, my desire to make necessary changes has become a priority. I’ve come to realize that inner peace is at the core of maintaining a happy, healthy life.

Struggling with situations that don’t serve me well, but often feeling guilty about letting go of them, has been a continuing source of disquiet for me. Harboring resentments for the actions of others has brought me down and into a dark place. I would tell myself “let it go.” But how do I accomplish that?

When someone’s behavior hurts us or makes us angry, we may hold onto a resentment for the person or situation they’ve created or helped to create. We think of forgiveness as a timid act, an act of giving in. We focus on the source of our pain and decide that forgiving the person who caused that pain allows them to win. What we overlook is that dwelling on the pain hurts us more, lowering our energy, overwhelming our concentration, and undermining the better angels of our nature. In short, the act of holding onto pain hurts us more than it hurts anyone else. It holds us captive and renders us helpless.

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Things That Make Life A Little Easier: Chemo-Care Bag

Posted on April 28th, 2011 by karen

An In Care of Dad Series.

by Andrea Zavell

My mother faced chemotherapy with hope, courage and grace.  Her friends were wonderful.  In addition to accompanying her to treatments, they showered her with bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolates, and scented lotions and creams.  While very much appreciated, most of the offerings were quickly re-gifted.  Chemotherapy had rendered my mother very sensitive to smells, tastes and textures.

When my friend, Kathy, recently started chemotherapy, I pulled from the knowledge of my mother’s experiences to put together a gift bag for her.  Most of these items can be picked up in one trip to a local drug store or Target.  I hope other people will find some of the following suggestions useful.

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