Things That Make Life A Little Easier: An Automatic Pill Dispenser

e-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser MD1

An In Care of Dad Series

by Kim Keller

Alice lives in Muskego, Wisconsin, near most of her family, and just celebrated her 86th birthday.  Two years ago, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  As with many families, Alice’s eight children, who refer to themselves as “Team Alice,” worried about her taking her medications properly.

Would she remember what to take and when?  Alzheimer’s is an enormous obstacle to a medication routine.  So Team Alice was thrilled to discover the huge selection of MedTime Automatic Pill Dispensers from

The medication dispenser they chose looks like a space ship.  It has 28 compartment for pills and the like, so it can handle a variety of medication routines without the need for constant refilling.  The dispenser also has a timer system that’s adjustable for each routine, and Team Alice reports that it’s very easy to program and to use.

Once the dispenser is properly filled, and the timer is set, then it can be locked for safety. When it’s time for a medication to be taken, the dispenser opens to the next proper dosage compartment and a loud alarm goes off, accompanied by blinking lights.  Both alerts stay on for up to 60 minutes — or until the medication is dispensed.  If for some reason the medication is not removed, then the compartment will close and the dispenser slides over to the next dosage.  This allows a caregiver to keep track of any deviations from the medication routine.  Missed dosages should naturally be reported to the appropriate doctor.

There are many different types of medication dispensers offered by e-pill.  Another notable feature available throughout the e-pill line is the caregiver notification system, which automatically alerts a caregiver by text message whenever a medication is not properly dispensed.  That’s a potentially life-saving accessory.

The prices range from $50 to $900.  Alice’s medication dispenser cost about $130, but the value of the security and relief that Team Alice gets from e-pill is priceless.

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