When Grief And Guilt Prolong The Pain Of Loss

Guilt and Grief

A zinnia means: I mourn your absence.

by Erin Barone

Sarah was 35 years old, with two small boys and a husband who abruptly passed away due to a brain tumor. While her husband Sam had complained of steady headaches, Sarah would blame it on stress from his job as a financial advisor and simply tell him to take some Tylenol.

After a few months of unrelenting headaches, though, her husband finally decided to see a doctor, whereupon he discovered that he had a brain tumor requiring immediate surgery. Sadly, Sam did not survive the procedure, dying on the operating table.

Since his death, Sarah has frequently made comments like “I didn’t choose this life for me, and I especially didn’t choose this life for my two little boys.” She also blames herself for having minimized the severity of her husband’s headaches, often stating, “I should have listened to him more, I should have told him to go to the doctor sooner, and then maybe they would have been able to save him before the tumor grew so big!”

Sarah has had difficulty waking up and often allows the boys to miss school when she just doesn’t have to energy to get them ready in the morning. She has also complained that her boys are starting to act out, misbehaving and throwing tantrums, as she struggles to parent them appropriately while still grieving the loss of her husband.

Whenever someone loses another person in his or her life, especially a loved one, each person’s grief takes on a unique form. For some, the grieving process begins almost immediately, while for others these feelings sometimes take a while to set in. But these feelings are normal when a loved one dies and often include a sense of guilt. We may blame ourselves for something we did or didn’t do that may have contributed to the death, or for things that we wish we said or didn’t say. But, again, this is a natural phase of the grieving process. Every person goes through it.

Moreover, guilt and grief tend to work together, creating new levels of remorse. For example, whenever Sarah’s boys start acting out, she thinks about them growing up without their father, which then reinforces her regret for not having urged her husband to see the doctor sooner. Each moment of guilt tends to lead into another. When Sarah sees Tylenol in the pharmacy, she internalizes her overwhelming sadness into a kind of shame, which, in turn, makes her feel unworthy as a wife and mother and leads to a deeper withdrawal from everyday life.

Some important steps to consider when struggling to overcome feelings of guilt that accompany a loss:

  • Know that it isn’t uncommon to play the “what if?” game, such as asking yourself, “What if I could have responded differently?” or “What if I had helped him more?” Sarah has struggled with this significantly. She often regrets just telling him to take Tylenol for his headaches and wishes she had told him to make a doctor’s appointment sooner. But sometimes we must focus on the positive things we did to help. In Sarah’s case, she lovingly massaged Sam’s neck and temples in an attempt to soothe his headache. She couldn’t have known something else was wrong with him. She’s not a prophet or fortune teller. Just a loving wife and mother.
  • Although there is no set timetable for grieving, if a substantial amount of time has passed and you are still not allowing yourself to move on, ask yourself why. In Sarah’s case, she was stuck in her grieving process due to her feelings of guilt, which were getting in the way of allowing her to move forward for herself and her children. Guilt is natural, but at some point it needs to be addressed and overcome.
    Also know that, as time passes, the ability to cope with loss will get easier. This doesn’t mean one has to just forget about the deceased person, but rather accept that he or she is in your life in a different way now.
  • A lot of the time, people won’t allow themselves to accept happiness after such a traumatic loss and, when they do find a tiny moment of joy, they then feel guilty for having this positive feeling. Ask yourself if you are remembering this person as a legacy of pain or for the joy he or she brought into your life.
  • If you want to forgive yourself, understand that guilt is all about intention. Is there a bone in your body that truly wished or intended for something bad to happy to your loved one? If not, then why are you feeling guilty, as though you intended for this loss to occur? We are not omniscient — we cannot foresee every tragic event that befalls us or our loved ones. Thinking you should have predicted and changed a course of events is just another way to prolong your pain. We must all accept our human limitations.
  • Finally, know that grieving the loss of a loved one isn’t something that has to be done alone. Talk to a friend or another family member who also might be grieving. If you find that the grieving is impeding your life, seek assistance from a professional who can help you work through the process without it’s continuing to control your life and/or the lives of people closest to you.

Erin Barone is a social worker with Family Centers, one of Fairfield County’s largest providers of human services, counseling, health and education programs. With offices in Greenwich, Stamford, Darien and New Canaan, CT, Family Centers is a United Way, Community Fund of Darien and New Canaan Community Foundation partner agency that offers counseling and support programs for children, adults and families. Family Centers is also affiliated with the Community Fund of Darien. For information, call 203-869-4848 or visit www.familycenters.org.

Photo by Karen Keller Capuciati.

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    秋来的感发入秋了,今早吹来的风带着微凉和清冷,好不容易从被窝里爬起来,冷风一吹,又缩了缩手,揣进兜里,又拿出来,此刻眼前是一 XC6SLX150T-2CSG484I 片灰茫茫的景象,失去了往日的生气。我不 XC6SLX150-N3FGG676C 喜欢冷冷的环境和温度,每当秋冬到来之际,我都要花较长的一段时间,去适应它的这份寒凉,一天之中,整个上午都冷冰冰的,手脚非常冰凉,中午吃过饭,才稍微好一点,到了夜里,天色黑暗,泡好脚,躺在床上,看会,这是最清闲舒服的时光,床头的灯发出昏黄的光,慢慢地,睡意上头,灯灭了,闭上眼,在梦里静待清晨到来 XC6SLX150T-3FGG900I 。这些天,我的内心又被忧愁、焦虑、恐惧等一些混合复杂的情绪所牵绊,或许是因为快到生日了,成年之后,每年的生日我都不想过,再也没有小时候的那份欢喜

  24. CC7450 says:

    深圳美食,魅力无限受到了广东疫情的影响,本次的暑期三下乡社会实践活动分为了支教与调研两组。岭南师范学院食品科学与工程学 XC6SLX150T-3FGG676C 院 登塔 社会实践队为调研广东省各地特色食品,组 XC6SLX150-N3FG484I 员分散各地,以不同的形式收集各地特色食品知识。在2021年7月12日,我开始奔波于深圳的各个大街小巷,寻找属于深圳独有的美食魅力。深圳是一座年轻的城市。四十多年来,经济特区的沧桑巨变,是一代又一代特区建设者拼搏奋斗干出来的。曾有人说:永葆 闯 的精神、 创 的劲头、 干 的作风,努力续写更多 春天的 ,努力创造让 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG676I 世界刮目相看的新的更大奇迹!上午八点,我奔波于深圳各大著名体现深圳精神的建筑,从深圳市民中心开始,它所展现的是一直飞翔在

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    我身边的那群小青年我身边有一群活泼可爱的小青年,他们都是我的同事,也是我要好的朋 XC6SLX150-2FGG676C 友,使他们在和工作中重启了我青春般的活力,让我充满激情,也让我 颠狂 。我现在 XC6SLX150-N3FG900C 工作中一刻也离不开他们,他们是我这个时代的老师,也是他们拉着我跟紧了时代的步伐。我对面办公室是一群刚从大学毕业不久或刚跨出大学校园的一群小青年,他们每天爽朗的笑声吸引着我,当我听到这些雀鸟鸣叫般的笑声总想走进去。其实我一个人的办公室好空荡,一排毫无生命体相的书柜,一张诺大的办公桌,桌上电脑从上班开到晚,我也是早晨胡乱地点击到下班。无心办公 XC6SLX150T-4CSG484C 了就给秋后已近凋零的花儿浇浇水,也正是,把几盆鲜花让水浇灌的过早地根系腐烂,没了起色。我走进对面的办公

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    故乡永远,是我心灵深处的回忆小时 XC6SLX150-2FGG676C 候眺望远方,长大了故乡,这是我们农村孩子的真实写照。我总是在记忆的深处搜寻故乡的回忆,小时候故乡是一条河,是一片森林, XC6SLX100-L1FGG484I 也是一片稻田,长大后故乡却成了一首歌、一首诗、是心里的一个深深的烙印,永远在你的心灵的最深处挥之不去。小时候盼望长大,长大后可以离开家乡走向远方。十八岁背起行囊,踏上火车,头也不回地迈入了灯火辉煌的街道,以为那里有诗和远方,以 XC6SLX150-2FGG676I 为这就是梦想起航的地方,陌生的城市,陌生的街道,陌生的人,眼里的梦想却越来越迷离,现实离你很近,梦想却离我很远,现实有时候往往会把你的梦想击得粉碎。不是我们不够勇敢,也不是我们的步伐不够坚定,城市的烟火可以照亮你来时的路,却

  28. CC6584 says:

    XC6SLX100T-N3FGG484C 耳边的男孩社交网络是排忧解难的神器,也是烦恼开始的地方,君妮点开陌生人的评 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG676C 论,不以为然。她一天的除了每天的一两节课,就只剩下游戏,曾一度以为那是少有的乐趣,即使曾几度在虚拟世界中有过不顺遂,但也比现实中一塌糊涂的要来得快意。又是来自那个陌生人的评论,她仍不以为然,网络开始的地方就是面具表演的舞台,只是看谁站得高远罢了。最终还是通过不懈的努力,那个陌生 XC6SLX150T-3FG676C 人抓住了跟她搭上话的机会。可以一起打游戏吗?他们开心地加了游戏好友,也就成了固定的队友,一起上分,一起。她遇到过很多队友,但最终都熬不过几个月就沦落成好友列表中的名字,这个陌生人也会如此,开始她就这样想。巧了,这个陌生人并不像看上去那样平庸,那个人

  29. CC1970 says:

    你走吧,我会好好的我一直不能理解一个理论 存在价值 XC6SLX100-L1FGG676I 。即:只要你活着,你对某些人来说就是有价值的。我感觉这更像是一种约定俗成的对想要自杀者的欺骗。书上举的例子是:母亲病重,你 XC6SLX150-N3FG676I 想到的是不是只要母亲活着就好呢?这就是存在价值。那按照这种说法,可以把失散的孤儿带到ICU,他不想让谁死谁就是他妈咯。我奶奶经常念叨的话就是: 等我以后老了,不中用了,瘫在床上可怎么办啊。 前几天奶奶身 XC6SLX150T-2FGG484C 体不舒服,我爸说了一句: 我洗碗吧妈,你去歇着。 奶奶突然罕见地敏感地吼着: 不用!我是瘫到床上了?都不用管我,我能做! 然后开始抽泣,有点崩溃了,用纸巾擦泪。奶奶今年快七十了,跟她讲什么存在价值,就像冬天用蜡烛取暖,只能暖心

  30. CC4205 says:

    衣食住行话改革中国有句老话叫:开门七件事 XC6SLX150-3FGG676I 柴米油盐酱醋茶。从中不难看出这七件事中有六件离不开 吃 ,这也表明我们老祖宗几千年来对于温饱的关注程度 民以食为天 嘛。然 XC6SLX150-3FGG900I 而,自从改革开放以来,特别是邓公的南巡讲话以后,人们的思想观念得到了巨大解放、创业的激情得以充分释放,人民的水平也发生了质的飞跃, 吃 已不再是 天 字号问题, 吃了吗 亦非是人们见面时习惯性的客套话。物质生活的殷实富足、精神追求的丰富多彩,时时处处无不昭示着改革开放三十年来发 XC6SLX100-N3FGG676C 生的翻天覆地的变化。姑且说说我们日常生活须臾不可或缺的 衣食住行 吧。先从 食 说起。回想那个吃 大锅饭 、入人民公社的 大跃进 时代,特别是六十年代初经历三

  31. CC7278 says:

    XC6SLX150T-2FGG484C 命运的思考一命二运三风水,四积阴德五读书; 六名七像八敬神,九交贵人十养生。 这是古人认为会决定一个人的一生的十个主要因素。我对其中与当今有关的几个问题谈谈自己 XC6SLX150-2CSG484C 的看法。1、什么是命。所谓 命 系指个人先天就拥有的资源,即指:从父母继承和遗传来的自身的才智天赋、家庭经济条件和教养、社会关系等三个主要方面的条件因素,这些是人出生时具备的的先天条件。比如你出生的时代,出生的地点环境,出生的家庭状况,父母的水平,社会地位和人脉圈子 XC6SLX100T-2FGG900C 。这些都是你出生时就具有的,无法改变的状况。俗话说 人的命天注定 指的就是这种先天就具有的的状况。比如时代,你出生在古代、近代、现代和当今,所遇到的情况是天差地别的。你出生

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