When Grief And Guilt Prolong The Pain Of Loss

Guilt and Grief

A zinnia means: I mourn your absence.

by Erin Barone

Sarah was 35 years old, with two small boys and a husband who abruptly passed away due to a brain tumor. While her husband Sam had complained of steady headaches, Sarah would blame it on stress from his job as a financial advisor and simply tell him to take some Tylenol.

After a few months of unrelenting headaches, though, her husband finally decided to see a doctor, whereupon he discovered that he had a brain tumor requiring immediate surgery. Sadly, Sam did not survive the procedure, dying on the operating table.

Since his death, Sarah has frequently made comments like “I didn’t choose this life for me, and I especially didn’t choose this life for my two little boys.” She also blames herself for having minimized the severity of her husband’s headaches, often stating, “I should have listened to him more, I should have told him to go to the doctor sooner, and then maybe they would have been able to save him before the tumor grew so big!”

Sarah has had difficulty waking up and often allows the boys to miss school when she just doesn’t have to energy to get them ready in the morning. She has also complained that her boys are starting to act out, misbehaving and throwing tantrums, as she struggles to parent them appropriately while still grieving the loss of her husband.

Whenever someone loses another person in his or her life, especially a loved one, each person’s grief takes on a unique form. For some, the grieving process begins almost immediately, while for others these feelings sometimes take a while to set in. But these feelings are normal when a loved one dies and often include a sense of guilt. We may blame ourselves for something we did or didn’t do that may have contributed to the death, or for things that we wish we said or didn’t say. But, again, this is a natural phase of the grieving process. Every person goes through it.

Moreover, guilt and grief tend to work together, creating new levels of remorse. For example, whenever Sarah’s boys start acting out, she thinks about them growing up without their father, which then reinforces her regret for not having urged her husband to see the doctor sooner. Each moment of guilt tends to lead into another. When Sarah sees Tylenol in the pharmacy, she internalizes her overwhelming sadness into a kind of shame, which, in turn, makes her feel unworthy as a wife and mother and leads to a deeper withdrawal from everyday life.

Some important steps to consider when struggling to overcome feelings of guilt that accompany a loss:

  • Know that it isn’t uncommon to play the “what if?” game, such as asking yourself, “What if I could have responded differently?” or “What if I had helped him more?” Sarah has struggled with this significantly. She often regrets just telling him to take Tylenol for his headaches and wishes she had told him to make a doctor’s appointment sooner. But sometimes we must focus on the positive things we did to help. In Sarah’s case, she lovingly massaged Sam’s neck and temples in an attempt to soothe his headache. She couldn’t have known something else was wrong with him. She’s not a prophet or fortune teller. Just a loving wife and mother.
  • Although there is no set timetable for grieving, if a substantial amount of time has passed and you are still not allowing yourself to move on, ask yourself why. In Sarah’s case, she was stuck in her grieving process due to her feelings of guilt, which were getting in the way of allowing her to move forward for herself and her children. Guilt is natural, but at some point it needs to be addressed and overcome.
    Also know that, as time passes, the ability to cope with loss will get easier. This doesn’t mean one has to just forget about the deceased person, but rather accept that he or she is in your life in a different way now.
  • A lot of the time, people won’t allow themselves to accept happiness after such a traumatic loss and, when they do find a tiny moment of joy, they then feel guilty for having this positive feeling. Ask yourself if you are remembering this person as a legacy of pain or for the joy he or she brought into your life.
  • If you want to forgive yourself, understand that guilt is all about intention. Is there a bone in your body that truly wished or intended for something bad to happy to your loved one? If not, then why are you feeling guilty, as though you intended for this loss to occur? We are not omniscient — we cannot foresee every tragic event that befalls us or our loved ones. Thinking you should have predicted and changed a course of events is just another way to prolong your pain. We must all accept our human limitations.
  • Finally, know that grieving the loss of a loved one isn’t something that has to be done alone. Talk to a friend or another family member who also might be grieving. If you find that the grieving is impeding your life, seek assistance from a professional who can help you work through the process without it’s continuing to control your life and/or the lives of people closest to you.

Erin Barone is a social worker with Family Centers, one of Fairfield County’s largest providers of human services, counseling, health and education programs. With offices in Greenwich, Stamford, Darien and New Canaan, CT, Family Centers is a United Way, Community Fund of Darien and New Canaan Community Foundation partner agency that offers counseling and support programs for children, adults and families. Family Centers is also affiliated with the Community Fund of Darien. For information, call 203-869-4848 or visit www.familycenters.org.

Photo by Karen Keller Capuciati.

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    诗呀,花魂般美丽诗呀,洒满泪水的世界, XC6SLX150T-2FG900C 每一句诗希求饱满的理智,绽放鲜艳的花朵,虽然没有凋谢的绿叶,那字字斟酌的种子 XC6SLX150T-3FG900C 似花魂般美丽,那诗意:奇特,富有幻想和消烟,娇艳盈盈芬芬像醉人的玫瑰,如梦如境心醉魂荡,诗境诱惑,迷惑今天明天和希望的时光。诗呀!轻轻吟诵光芒闪烁,整个世界召唤时光的语言,看见它欢乐,看见它忧伤,勾魂着魔,像梦甜蜜,像缠绵,像草原上 XC6SLX150T-3FG676C 百灵,无数亮丽星光在飘浮自傲,浩浩荡荡飞向生命的海洋,韵律轻拍太空,诗的烈火恣肆照射云峰,金光耀耀,燃起的火焰覆盖长空,冲向苍穹。诗呀!无边无际的火光,魅力翻滚涌起,沸腾在凡人之中,诗的苛刻艺术示艳,灿丽娇嫩,春潮滚滚,精灵般的欢歌嘶鸣,像是爱的甜心,像

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    葡萄熟了秋风送爽,艳阳和煦,果园的葡萄熟了。藤架下一串串水晶玉珠般的葡萄或紫或红,仿佛凝结了岁月的光华,在酝酿一种天地的灵气,把岁月的温暖和美好羞 XC6SLX100T-3FGG484C 涩地呈现,让秋天的人们品尝一道光阴的滋味,或酸涩或甜蜜,在回味中细数日子的甜度,秋天来了,葡萄熟了,日子甜了。它是这个季节最华丽的 XC6SLX150-L1FG676I 惊艳,仿佛是对花萎叶落的一种弥补,更是对收获季节最直观的解说,无论是巨峰,还是紫玫瑰,抑或是马乃子,只是色彩和形体的差异而已,但他们的内涵和本质都是一致的。也无论你是当做水果品尝还是酿成干红干白,拉菲也好,解百纳也罢,都是转换了一种存在的形式,甜蜜的本质和宗旨始终维系不变,如同一种永恒。从汉代开始,丝路上的商旅驼队不远万 XC6SLX100-L1FGG484I

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    无私无我不执着,全心全意为法界一切众生 XC6SLX150-N3FGG676I 设想 修行的宗旨是要落实做到无私无我不执着,一 XC6SLX150T-3FGG484I 心一意为了别人或者为了法界一切众生设想,起心动念不要按照自我的意思。只要按照自我的意思,你把事情做得再好,也是心中有我,是造业造罪,必然要受自己应该受的果报。心空无我无执 XC6SLX100-L1FG484I 着,随缘无我而做,就是做而无做。无我无执着而为即是无为,无为而为即是无住生心,即是智慧解脱。修行没有什么神秘玄妙的东西,只是一个无我无私、无贪、无执着,能落实做到心空无我无私心,对一切事相不计较得失,就是一个真正具有般若大智慧的明白解脱之人。 修解脱道千万不能向神秘的地方去求,更不能在一切的空道理或事相上面转圈圈。这是一定要万分注重的大问题。要

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    自问连颠带跑的终于到地方了,赶上了本是同行的同事。他们集体坐在路边已经等我好久了,看着他们无奈 XC6SLX150-3FG484C 的样子我的心里真的一些惭愧和不安。似乎真的着急时才感觉到高铁都很慢,慢的你都想去推着它跑;才觉得到处都是熙熙攘攘的人群,绕的你想跑都冲不起来;才觉得就算是拼力 XC6SLX100T-3FGG676C 奔跑也走不完面前无限延长的路。也许这就是人们所说的年龄带来的焦虑吧。在城市里焦虑则更是明显。大街上的人们,步调总是很快,总有等不及的事情赶着去做。仿佛只要慢上几秒钟,天都要塌下来似的。 叮铃叮铃 提醒的声音更是响个不停,好像这才体会到手机的用途。这就是被称作焦虑的城市病。是那种被称之 XC6SLX150T-3FG900C 为 不安 的状态。也许正是因为如此,眉头才总难以舒展。有朋友和我

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    酸酸碱碱共”寻光“2021年7月20日是 寻光 社会实践队活动的收 XC6SLX100T-N3FG900I 官之日。为此, 寻光 实践队特意安排了一场妙趣横生的化学启蒙课。就读于化学系的主讲人冼淑云、王俞婷以通俗易懂的中 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG900I 常见的示例来科普 酸 与 碱 的化学概念。首先,主讲人冼淑云以 望梅止渴 这一发问。活泼可爱的卢玮锋小朋友积极响应,为大家绘声绘色地讲述了《三国演义》中的这一精彩 冼淑云以此引入了 酸 的概念。生活中有酸性的东西有哪些呢?小朋友们很容易就能猜到很多带酸味的东西是呈酸性的。 柠檬 、 苹果汁 、 橙汁 等等 XC6SLX150-L1FGG484I 答案络绎不绝。而后她以 肥皂 、 洗衣粉 、 洗手液 等物品举例得出 生活中的碱性物质都不太可食用哦! 。当然,纯靠

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    去北京展览馆2021年5月31日。有人送给几 XC6SLX150T-2FGG676I 何两张门票,是北京展览馆的家具展,按说 XC6SLX150-L1FG676C 这个展览与我们没啥关系,我们一时半会儿没有买家具的需求。但是我俩都愿意去看看,别总是每天去公园了,也换个口味呗。再说北京展览馆是一座多么宏大的建筑呀,北京五十年代的十大建筑之一,至今仍然引人瞩目,名气不减当年。北京展览馆在我们的嘴里都使用简称北展,我们这辈子也好几次进入其中看展览,记得最早的一次是文革早期,看的是 XC6SLX150T-4FGG484C 一个充满时代色彩的展览。那时只有十来岁,是我妈带我去的,那时文革正轰轰烈烈,我妈的脸色不好,没怎么说话,大概是我爸当时正在靠边站。我倒是很高兴,见了大场面,玩的特开心。不过没过多久,我妈也被批斗了,大概是

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    好好活着,就是幸福什么是?好好活着,就是最大的快乐!什么最奢侈?好 XC6SLX100T-3CSG484C 好活着,就是人生最奢侈的事。在生命面 XC6SLX150-N3FG676I 前,其他的事情都是小事,最大的意义不仅仅是好好的活着,而是力所能及的快乐的活着。有人抱怨,生活艰难,活着不容易,死了又不敢。对于只有一次的生命,何其美好的存在,活着本身就是最大的,我们为什么不好好的珍惜呢?当你抱怨鞋子不好看的时候,可有些人却没有脚;在生活中,我们可能面对工作上的不如意,学业上的不容易,商场上的沉浮,我们会觉得 XC6SLX150T-2FG900I 世界如此的不公平,每天活在重重的压力下,看不到生活美好的希望。其实,想想这世上,还有人没有工作,还有人在乞讨,还有孩子没学上,还有很多比你更不幸的人都在努力的生活着,我们

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    百年历程话初心,春 XC6SLX100-L1FGG484I 风不改守坚持春风又一次抚绿了 XC6SLX100T-3FGG484I 万物,细雨浇灌着大地回春,浅草也娇羞地吐露出嫩芽。碧水环绕的延长县,在新一季春雨的滋润下,城乡处处一片繁忙,果园里焕发着盎然的生机。置身于一片青翠间,朝气与希望充盈着每个人的心田,似乎很难相信,曾几何时这里无时无刻饱受着黄沙 XC6SLX100-L1FGG484C 漫天、尘土飞扬的折磨。是一阵阵轻柔的春风,吹走了沙尘,吹来了新绿,如果这带来希望与安定的春风有名字,那它一定叫做中国共产党。曾几何时,我们也经炮火蹂躏,遭战争肆虐,但逆境当自强,越是身陷黑暗,心就越向往光明,中国共产党便由此孕育而生,它犹如一阵沁人心脾的春风,为中国人民驱散了苦难和阴霾,带来了希望与新生。一百年星火,依旧朝气蓬勃

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    南通开沙岛实践在一马平川的江海平原, 军山、剑山、狼山、马鞍山、黄泥山 五山拱立江边,无人不晓;而在通州区五接镇境内的滔滔长江中 XC6SLX150-N3CSG484I ,有一个不小的岛屿, XC6SLX150-N3FGG900I 就鲜为人知了。它就是通州的江中明珠 开沙岛。开沙岛总面积3.56平方公里,是长江流域生态环境保护最好的群岛之一,也是江苏省 十二五 期间沿江开发规划和旅游开发规划确定的旅游度假区,先后获批中国特色景观旅游名村镇、国家运动休闲特色小镇等多项荣誉称号。度假区以 生态 为基础,以 绿色、健康 为主题,融合岛内文化资源,丰富岛上旅游文化内涵,开发建设了一批以 休闲、垂钓、采摘 XC6SLX150T-3FGG676I 、运动、美食 为特色的景区,每年游客达到50万人次。途居开沙岛房车露营地、长江高尔

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    沉思中灵魂把身体丢下飞奔而过的人们正在高歌,公路上无数的发动机正在唱响同一首歌,世界在用喧闹点燃他的激情,而我却用一块玻璃把自己与世界隔离。列车 XC6SLX100T-N3FG484I 上的人不是很多,似乎每节车厢铁路部门有意只出售一半的票位,车厢里大都在闭目养神或是躺在没 XC6SLX100-N3CSG484C 有人的长椅上装睡,偶有几声轻微的鼾声传来,却又似不好意思般的停止。我就这样静静的看着窗外,看窗外依然喧闹的世界。说真的繁忙过后的这份宁静真的让人陶醉,抛弃两个昼夜的劳累我独享着这份难得的宁静。安静的世界里,只有自己,但却丝毫没有孤独的感觉。只感觉到内心里那嘈杂的声音,那浑浊的气息,那躁动的情绪被缓缓的隔离开来,只感受到一片宁静。 XC6SLX100-N3FG676C 在这片宁静里,能感受到这世界的精彩与沉

  49. CC9682 says:

    我与收音机的不了情前几天,我在电视上收看了中央电视台《中国音乐电视》栏目,为纪念 XC6SLX100T-2FG484I 改革开放30周年推出的 歌声飘过30年 百首金曲演唱会 。说实在的,我非常喜欢这些歌曲,我 XC6SLX150T-2FGG484I 现在还收藏了演唱会的光碟。的经典歌曲伴随着我们的岁月久久在耳边回荡,回忆那段美好的时光,记录着社会的发展与进步,美好的回忆让人焕发青春。演唱会中间主持人赵忠祥问董卿,你知道改革开放初期,这些经典歌曲是靠什么传播的吗?董卿 XC6SLX150T-3FG676C 回答不知道,赵忠祥就告诉董卿是靠半导体收音机传播的。他还说,尽管现在人们拥有了MP3、MP4,但是对这些的钟情远远没有当年人们对半导体的那份依恋。赵忠祥老师的一番话勾起了我对往事和收音机的怀恋 我出生在上个世纪

  50. CC8568 says:

    世锦苦为乐,忧成殇。停留在茂密的古树下,去感受它的思绪,当叶 XC6SLX100T-N3CSG484I 成沙,枝成泥,方知万事自有轮回。任谁的哀愁也挽不回那独自的,心中万分的悲凉也融不进酒的醇香。情难却,曲终散。凉亭佳酿,桃花佳人,亦不过三两为伴,痴笑成狂 XC6SLX150-2FGG900C 。灯红酒绿的,似那孩童手中的纸鸢,放飞了,却再也追不回。雾里花,水中月。杯中的苦茶,已拿了许久,时间的童年,是否也充满回忆。那吵嚷的余音,不知从何处传来,断了弦,又惊了梦。意难平,谁曾知。初醒与结束 XC6SLX150-3FGG900C ,同样的地方,不一样的结局,只有回到原点,看的才清。究竟是执念带走了偏见,还是固执妥协了改变。远行的路上,何以相伴,何以为家。悲痛时,世界总在旋转。欢快时,世界总在静止。为什么独自去寻找,看

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